You cut your hair?

Monika Spaulding, Digital Editor

You know those mom moments when you are hustling and busy and paying attention, but not really paying attention? Then, something happens and you play back everything in your mind and realize that it was there, you just missed it?

That was my weekend.

Trying to get three kids ready to leave the house is an experience. Making sure everyone has brushed their hair, is completely clothed (in something appropriate for the public) and has shoes on takes a good amount of time in my house.

Saturday we were getting ready to head out for the day. My husband was taking our 8 year old on a mountain bike ride and the other two and I were going to do some shopping. I was braiding my daughter’s hair to keep it out of her face, when my 3 year old comes up with a handful of something that resembled feathers and smiled at me. I said, “What is that?” She said, “Feathers from the green pillows on the couch.” Hmmm, ok. Not happy she is pulling feathers out of the pillow, but no time to deal with it now.

“Throw it away. Don’t do that,” I said. “We have to go.”

She turns and heads toward the trash can. I notice she has her small scissors in her hands, but I didn’t think much about it. She is always cutting up paper and working on craft things in her play area.

We get everyone loaded up and head out the door for a day of family fun. Halfway to our destination, which is about an hour away, my oldeset says, “Oh my gosh! Did you cut your hair? It looks like you have bangs.”

I turn around to see who she is looking at and I see it myself.

Bangs. On my youngest child. The same child who just had scissors in her hands.

“What?” I said. “Those weren’t feathers were they?”

Her eyes get big and she grins and shakes her head vigorously.

Then, I bust out laughing. Because guess what? Those bangs actually look awesome!

I quickly got it under control as my husband looks at me from the driver’s seat, wondering what in the world is going on.

I choose my next words wisely, trying to make her realize that we can’t cut hair, only our hairdresser cuts hair. That’s why we go to her. I then tell her that she will not be allowed to use scissors for awhile, which is big punishment, because she loves her scissors.

Then I smack myself in the foreheard thinking of our conversation before we left the house. I never dreamed that what she had in her hands was hair! She had never done anything like that and her sisters had never cut their hair. It didn’t even register with me!

Our third child is bringing lots of firsts to our family! I guess she didn’t want to be a boring, third child. If that is her goal, she has nailed it!

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