Poems from the BSE Writing Club


Unique and


Never stop


Incredible, Pretty





Runs Gracefully

Nice friendly.

Rachel McKinley, 5th grade


Out My Window

When I look out my window,

I see large pine trees swaying back and forth.

I feel the cooled glass pane from the wind touch my palms,

I can hear the birds chirping,

While the deer play.

I smell the scent of pine coming from the tree.

When I look out my window,

I know I am home.

Chloe Zink, 5th grade



The music I am listening

to makes me sad and

sleepy but it also gives me

hope in a way I can’t

explain.  It reminds me of

my childhood when I

started to play piano, and

when I was sad or upset.

Cally Karmire, 4th grade



Sprinkling Rain

Playing Outside

Riding Bikes Down The Sidewalk

I Lov Spring

Nice Weather

Good Memories.

Savannah Bowers, 5th grade



Glitter is sparkly

Like the stars

Interesting touch

Tantalizing sparkles

Terrific colors

Exciting shine


Flora Wade, 4th grade



Sun or heat will melt it.

None can stop it from snowing.

Opposite of warm.

Will make you cold.

Leauna Springr, 5th grade



My mouth is like a fire.

Showing fury and light

To the people that deserve it

But, providing the certain thing

That people need.

Elizabeth Gilbert, 5th grade




Like red ants biting me


Like burning fire


You’re the reason

I get dragged down.

Harmonie Green, 4th grade


Window World

I look out my window

And I see the world

The rain drops

And the world freezes.

I see the rain continue

The mood is new

Sad yet beautiful.

The rain stops.

The sun shines.

And and rainbow forms

Happy and bright

The sun shines right on m

And I smile

Not a care in the world.

Reya Snyder, 5th grade



Useful, Colorful

Writing, Moving, Rolling

I write with pencils


Dawn Ferguson, 5th grade



Friends are nice,

Friends are kind,

Friends are all you need to shine,

When you’re down they bring you up.

When you’re sad they give you luck.

Best Friends.

Erica Worley, 4th grad


Sally and Rally

There once was a girl named Sally

She loved to play with Rally.

They always would dance.

They always would prance.

And then they went to a valley.

Brynan Bartron, 4th grade


Dangerously Reading

Read in a car, on a horse, in a boat, on a shark.

You can read a book anywhere!

Read while crossing the street,

read in space.

You can read anywhere unique.

This is reading dangerously!

Anna Hobbs, 5th grade



Imagine you are in your favorite world.

Imagine you don’t have a mind

to make you so bored.

Imagine if you didn’t exist

in this world

and you really didn’t know.


Raelee Cockerill, 5th grade



The smell of hot chocolate,

Is yummy and sweet. 

The cold winter snow,

Is hard to defeat.

The nasty cold fog,

You can hardly see the log.

The smells of turkey,

Make you feel hungry.

The cherry pie to eat,

is nice and sweet.

This is winter,

Winter - yippee!

Jaylyn Hamilton, 4th grade


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