Bountiful Harvest

Jane Clark, Writers Bloc

Zucchini, the most versatile vegetable, is also the most prolific. I'm convinced we could help solve world hunger if we gave away seeds to third world countries and showed them how to grow zucchini.

I've chopped it, ground it, frozen, sautéed and fried it. Sometimes I make pickles, casseroles, soups or desserts with it. I've given it away by the bag full, but I still have more stuffed in the refrigerator and in baskets in the storage room. Just when I think it's all used up or I manage to give it all away, there's more waiting to be gathered.

Recently a friend graciously declined my offer of zucchini. She commented that in some rural areas of Indiana the only time people lock their doors is in the summertime so that neighbors can't sneak in and leave them more zucchini!

I am encouraged to know that zucchini does have a limited life span. So until it finally blooms its last bloom, I will faithfully pick it, cook it, freeze it or give it away to anyone willing to accept this bountiful harvest.  I know I'll miss it when it's finally gone. On cold winter days when I want a reminder of summer, I can go to the freezer and find bags and containers of zucchini. At least it can't multiply in the freezer!

Jane Clark is Co-Director of Writers Bloc and has been a member since 2005. She enjoys writing poems, memoirs, essays, and fiction. Her first novel True Allegiance is available on and Books A


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