Do Dogs Go To Heaven?

By Daniel Speth

Peter was standing ever so vigilant at the pearly gates. Robes and beard of brilliant white, being especially sure to only let those in that are written in the book of life. Peter was standing unusually still this day, staring through the gates. Michael the archangel slowly walked up to him for one of his daily visits, observing his unusual demeanor. My friend is usually busy or at least moving, Michael thought. Michael was concerned because he was like a statue of white marble. “What is wrong with you, my friend? Are you dead?” Michael asked with a laugh at his attempt at humor.

Peter answered in a whisper, “Michael, what is that creature?”

“Oh, so you’re not dead,” Michael said with a smile. “What creature are you referring to?”

“The one on the other side of the gate,” Peter again whispered.

Michael only glanced briefly. “I don’t see anything. Point it out to me.”

“I can’t Michael, I’m in a staring contest. I don’t dare move and risk breaking contact. This one I am determined to win.”

“Peter, don’t be ridiculous.” Michael just shrugged and looked more carefully, and spotted Peter’s target for his silly game. “Okay, I’ve got it. You must be having a slow day if you’re playing games.”

“Yes, it’s been really slow when this thing just popped up out of nowhere. What is it Michael and why does it stare so?”

Michael looked back at Peter’s point of interest, and now both were standing there mesmerized by the black pools where eyes should be. After a couple minutes and Peter still with an unbroken stare, Michael finally laughed at Peter. “It’s a dog. You sure don’t get out much. Why don’t you have the brothers of thunder, James and John, give you a break so you can go to earth and look around a bit. Things have changed after a couple thousand years you know.”

“That is no dog,” Peter responded with certainty. “I think it’s an evil statue for Satan worship.”

“Now why would you say such a thing?” Michael questioned, for he thought the dog was extremely cute.

“It doesn’t move my friend and just stares at me with those black eyes. Black as the pits of hell, I think,” Peter added with growing excitement. “It has a head of a lion, body of a fox, and its tongue is hanging out. It’s the offspring of the Egyptian Sphynx. It’s an omen. We’re about to be attacked.” Peter started to shudder, but he didn’t break his gaze. He wasn’t going to lose this perceived battle between good and evil.

Michael just laughed again at his good friend. “It’s just a dog my friend and we aren’t under attack. Our Father has everything under control. Some rock you are. Don’t get your tunic in a knot.”

“Well, if it’s just a dog, why is it here? I’ve never admitted a dog before.”

“Well, my friend, that’s why I’m here. I’m not just here for a visit. I have a new book for you.” Michael handed Peter the book and he started moving his hand over the especially soft surface of this book and then moved his hands over the raised wording on its front, like a blind person reading braille.

Peter’s forehead wrinkled from confusion, for the book was titled, “Kibbles Book of Life”. “Now Michael, what in Hades does that mean?”

“Our Father thought it was amusing and so do I. You really have to get out more,” Michael chuckled.

“Okay smart angel, what does it mean?” If it was possible to sweat in Heaven, Peter would be sweating about now. He doesn’t know how long he can hold his position. He’s got to blink soon.

“You have to experience it to understand. God thought it was about time to let other beings into heaven since there was so much room left. The turnout has been a little disappointing after all.”

“Tell me about it,” Peter answered in agreement. “Some people are making a real mess of things. I am confused, however. Only humans and angels have souls, right?”

“They’re not exactly like our souls, but they have such trusting and forgiving spirits. God thought they deserved a touch of his spirit. So that’s why we’re here today.”

“So, we’re going to start a kennel in heaven?”

“No, not at all,” Michael laughed. “I’ve been observing the humans today, and some of their best friends turned out to be their pet dogs. So, I suppose our Father, in his wisdom, thought it best if humans spend eternity with some of the gentlest of spirits. We even got a shipment of tennis balls today for the occasion.”

“What?” Peter questioned.

“Sorry I forget. You are kind of clueless,” Michael responded with humor. “You’ll see my friend, and you have got to get out more. Please just open the book.”

After finally breaking his stare into this little creature’s eyes, knowing he was going to lose anyway, Peter opened the book. Once refocused, Peter looked at the first entry in the book and frowned a bit. “What kind of name is this?”

“Just read it and open the gate, Peter,” Michael then insisted.

“Chewey,” Peter announced with authority.

The tiny dog then broke her stare and quickly trotted up to the gate, tail wagging and smacking her lips loudly as if anticipating the greatest treat of all. She even had what seemed like a grin on her face. Peter’s countenance broke into a warm smile as Chewey partially climbed up Peter’s leg, extending her front paws like a child wanting to be held.

“What does she want Michael?”

“She just wants to share love like we all do,” Michael responded with a smile.

Peter picked her up and felt the warmth of this tiny creature. “How do we communicate?”

“With dogs it’s mainly about body language and since you have a glorified body all you have to do is listen with your mind.”

Peter attempted just that and got an impression. “She’s waiting on something. Her earthly masters, I think. She really does love them, doesn’t she? She knows she’ll have to wait a little while. She wants her treat and wants to play now that she’s totally healthy again.”

Peter put her back down and she followed Michael as he was leaving his good friend at the gate. Peter observed the little dog with warmth as she seemed so excited to be here, and who wouldn’t after all? Peter looked back at the book and noticed it was filling up fast, but fortunately this book has no end. “What of past best friends?” Peter asked. “Don’t they deserve heaven as well?”

“God has this, Peter,” Michael stated, while still walking away. “Not to worry.” Michael then turned around and added, “Oh, Peter, by the way, I’ll be bringing another book tomorrow.”

“What would that be by the way?” Peter was almost afraid to ask.

“Cats,” Michael stated with humor as he turned back around and continued walking with Chewey.

“Oh great,” Peter said. “I think I’ll need some help,” Peter hollered after Michael.

Michael then turned to Chewey. “Want to play some tennis, Chewey?” Michael asked with a mischievous chuckle. Chewey cocked her head to one side in an inquisitive way. Michael then turned and started walking into the lovely day, with Chewey circling him at full speed like she used to when she was much younger. “Life is going to be great in Heaven isn’t it little girl?”


Daniel Speth is a retired accountant who enjoys drawing and writing fiction. He has written three books, “Messages From The Heart”, “Adam’s Journey-A Bridge Between”, and “Bridge To My Dreams”, all available on


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